Vas 7 special container

Vas 7

Special Containers for Detonators

Special containers for transport detonators


The containers are certified by
1) ONU mark from the Italian Minister of Transportation
2) Permanent commission for the testing of the War Equipment - classified O.N.U. 1.4.S. for military use.
3) MARITELERADAR (Italian Navy Commission for the testing of equipment, to be used on board military vessels, which are sensible to electromagnetic waves - HERO certification )

Vas 7 for 3 detonators


VAS/7 (weight,0.9 kg approx. 3 detonators)
Is a special container used on the land and in the water ( in floating or in neutral configuration).
This container is particularly recommended for special operational group,conventional and counter terrorist group)
So it is indispensable for Special Group as to carry out special operations (for instance a delivery group from immersed submarine or special underwater delivery vehicle.
It has been tested till 70 meteres deeph;is weight is 1 kg about;