Vas 1  Bis special container

Vas 1E

Special Containers for Explosives

Special containers for transport explosives


The containers are certified by
1) ONU mark from the Italian Minister of Transportation
2) Permanent commission for the testing of the War Equipment - classified O.N.U. 1.4.S. for military use.

Vas 1E for 5 kg of explosives


VAS/1E ( weight 65 kg approx. 5 kg of explosive)
Is a special container to be used in operational situations ( ex. Transfer of explosive by elicopter or aircaft or landing vehicle in dangerous area).
It is able to protect explosive against 7.62 for 54 mm.API B32 bullet (weapon sniper Dragunov) and the fire of “Bonfire Test” as Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Test Criteria ST/6G 10/11 re.5 United Nations.