Society VASSALE EX S.r.l. has been established in 1998 by Admiral (Rtd)Roberto VASSALE that spent all his carrier in the Special Assault Group of Italian Navy, see his curriculum in attached. The main aims of Society are: to study and development project of equipment connected with explosives,to give advice in sector of explosives ,to train people of industries in the explosives sector (as,for instance:OTO Melara,the most italian important manufacture of guns and armoured track;MBDA,the same in the missiles sector; and others minor industries in order to know how the explosive is made up,the effect of explosions and the safety rules).Society VASSALE EX has able only to study and development the project,as there is not,in the Society,workshop and dependent people; so to realize his producst the Society takes advantage of four different others Societies able to manufacture prototypes and the finals products.

Relative the military safety containers for detonators the details are following described:

all the containers are :

- made up by titanium degree 2 (grado 2),so are no magnetic;
- light relative the number of detonators able to contain;
- attested by:

Italian Ministry of Transport,ONU mark, this allow to employ the containers,together the below described attested,in aircraft,ship,track and train; . Italian Navy the ONU classification 1.4.s. about the transportation of dangerous goods ( ONU, Orange Book ).This means that if the all the detonators blow up in the same time the energy produced by explosion, remains confined inside the containers; if the containers are exposed for one our,about,to a standard ONU fire,the detonators could blow up,but, also in this case, the energy remains confined in the containers; . Italian Navy gave to the containers the NATO classification "SAFE” against the danger of electrical current of magnetic induction.

Here are the containers :

- VAS/7,is a light container able to transport 3 detonators on the land and on the sea (surface and immersion).So it is indispensable for Special Group as to carry out special operations (for instance a delivery group from immersed submarine or special underwater delivery vehicle.It has been tested till 70 meteres deeph;is weight is 1 kg about;
- VAS/6, is a light container able to transport 8 detonators (it has the same characteristics of VAS/7);
- VAS/8,is a container able to transport 80 detonators or 20 flash-bang (this a antiterrorist device);
- VAS/10.is a container able to transport 25 detonators;
- VAS/3bis,is a container able to transport 12 detonator;it is particolary suitable for special teams that have the task to neutralize booby traps;
- VAS/11.is a container able to transport 600 grams explosive deflagrant;
-VAS/1E,is a container to transport 5 kg of explosive able to protect the explosive from: . 7,62 per 54 mm. Armoured bullet (Dragunov sniper weapon); . fire of Bonfire test of ONU reccomandations about transport dongerouse goods; . meccanicalsollecitation as a a car crash ,hard landing of aircraft,and son on.


Admiral (Rtd) Roberto VASSALE


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